Chief Ayo Adebanjo, A Chieftain of the Yoruba apex socio-cultural organization, Afenifere in his speech stated the main reason for calling for succession by ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, some of the reasons he mentioned were insecurity and constitutional difference.

He also said breakup would be better since the government has refused to restructure the country.

The lawyer chief Adebanjo said he has no objection to the secession of any ethnic group because the term of coming together has been disrupted by the northern Muslims who are dominating us.

This group of persons who feel superior to others is the causes or reasons why south-east, south-south, south-west, and middle belt are calling for rescheduling of the country.

According to him “it is just what I have said earlier, They are the people who aided and abetted the implementation of the wrong constitution because they gave them crumbs of the power”
It is the constitution that gives the president right to make the vice president a market master, whatever you are doing, the bottom line is the constitution, he said.

Recently the vice president has fallen out of favor with the President action.

Chief Adebanjo claimed that it was the constitution that made the President be doing all that because the constitution gives him absolute power.
“I have said it several times and I’m still saying it, we said it should be changed but you said no, This is not the constitution our founding fathers gave us,” he said

According to him, “the constitution , Azikiwe, Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello gave us is what we want to return to, so I have challenged him whether he is more intelligent than Sardauna but he has not answered. He is telling us that the constitution that Sardauna gave is a wrong constitution?

Sardauna was not as intelligent as he is now or he is a more northerner than the former premier or a Muslim than the late Premier?

“it was the constitution that brought Peace after the misunderstanding in the nation, leading the colonial office to draw the leaders to London, he concluded.

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