Growing up as a kid on Sundays – Vinitious Amira

Growing up as a kid on Sundays.

Welcome to Crazijamz’s 10 minutes with a fan of the week.

Nice to meet you Amira. So while we get started, I want you to tell us briefly about yourself.

Thank you, I am 21 years old Vinitious Amira. Born in Paris into the Family of Mr. & Mrs. Vinitious Maphorisa.

Are you the only child of your family?

No, I am the 3rd with one younger sister and a boy and a girl ahead of me.

What is your favorite genre of music?
I love the Fakaza band and Afro-pop blend.

Who is your favorite music act?

Hmmm, not one to choose. But I love to see Nasty C, Rowlene and more like Kwesta.

What was your feeling like growing up as especially on Sundays?

Sunday’s are always a special time that has a different attribute from every other six days of the week.

Maybe because of the beauty of being a new week beginning and people dedicate Sundays as a day of worship.

While some do see it as a day to throw a party, and make fun.

Why was this day special than every other day to you?

Okay, growing up as a kid was fun for me and my siblings. Because we had offers from my parents and other members of the family like Uncles, Aunties to go out for a Sunday stroll after Church.

Going for Sunday outings always made me and my siblings look down the week as each day goes by. But except for Sundays.

Can you tell us some of the places you do go as a kid?

Thank you, Sometimes we do go to the park, gaming world, Cinema, and some other places fun can be sure of.

How long have you been in the City of Pretoria?
Hmmm, I have been in South Africa for about 16 years plus but my 3rd year in the city of Pretoria.

What was your feeling like leaving the French Capital, Paris for South Africa as a kid?

Wow! For me, I was only age 4 then, so I don’t really know what it was all about relocating with my parents back here.

So, I can only say little about French life. But more about South Africa as my a home I recognize.

Thank you, friend, we hope to hear from you some other time. Have a blessed ahead.

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