Pravin Gordhan ‘suffering from self-centeredness’, Julius Malema says

Pravin Gordhan ‘suffering from self-centeredness’, Julius Malema says

Cape Town – EFF leader Julius Malema addressing a media on Thursday evening that Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan mustn’t have interdicted Public defender Busisiwe Mkhwebane, but Cyril Ramaphosa instead.

According to his media address in parliament, Malema said whereas Gordhan took the right step to interdict the remedial action contained in Mkhwebane’s report, he pointed it at the wrong person.

From the findings, Mkhwebane found Gordhan had breach the constitution in reference to the institution of the supposed varlet unit at SARS.

Meanwhile, Gordhan has since filed a suit to interdict the remedial action and instituted a judicial review on the judgement.

Malema said the minister has directed his court interdict on remedial action on the innocent person.

In quote “The horse has barred, Gordhan ought to interdict the president. She has nothing to do with it,” Malema said.

He, however, aforesaid Gordhan, couldn’t interdict President Cyril Ramaphosa, UN agency was ordered by Mkhwebane to discipline him, as a result of it’d have created some level of misunderstanding.

“He ought to have interdicted the release (of the report).”

Malema insisted that the remedial actions were binding.

“We say the remedial action should be enforced now.”

Malema additionally said there was nothing stopping Ramaphosa from disciplining Gordhan or for the minister to step down from his duty while the court decided on the matter.

“Pravin is suffering from self-centeredness. He allowed the president to be during this difficulty.”

He also charged that Gordhan, who was earlier in parliament praised as being honorable by Ramaphosa, ought to have taken leave.
Melema statement reads:
“He would have said unleash me so you’ll continue with the New Dawn,”

Asked why they weren’t acting against Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, whom Mkhwebane setup an adverse investigation against last year.
Malema said there was no remedial action against him since he wasn’t within the government when the investigation was made.

Malema indicated that they were looking forward to a chance for a finding to be made against Mbalula.

“He is simply too forward and tuatara. he’s one among those who assume they’re untouchable.
We are going to get a chance once more. We have a tendency to missed him because he is not in cabinet,” he said.

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